Two Roads Subdivision & McIntosh's Stream, Woodend

162 lot subdivision with drainage stream naturalisation

Two Roads subdivision involved road construction, including 8800m2 asphalt, over 3000m kerb and channel, 22,000 m3 cut/fill earthworks, and all sewer and stormwater piping. A First Flush stormwater basin on adjoining council land was constructed, which involved piping, re-routing, naturalisation and landscaping of a 230m length of McIntosh’s Drain, and the construction of a box culvert under Petries Road.


Upon inspection by regional authority Environment Canterbury they called the site’s environmental management a best practice example of sediment and erosion management. Texco also worked with experts to relocate and protect endangered stream wildlife prior to disturbance, delivering a project that enhances the local natural and community environment.


Gillman Wheelans

Time Frame

From March 2016 to November 2017

Contract Scale

Over $4,000,000

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