Conducting business and building projects that attend to environmental responsibilities and deliver sustainable outcomes is important.

Texco has a policy of controlling environmental impact and risk by focusing on: stopping waterway contamination from uncontrolled runoff, pumped silt-laden water or fuel spills; safe disposal and handling of hazardous site waste including contaminated soils; and erosion and sediment control including dust pollution. 

Texco ensures that all sites minimise pollution through proper disposal of all waste materials and contaminated materials. Texco implements water testing to ensure all water disposal minimises contamination to waterways and complies with all water pollution standards.  

Texco has a policy of purchasing plant and equipment that meets or exceeds environmental compliance measures. Texco machinery is pro-actively maintained to manufacturer’s standards and all operators are trained in safe and efficient operating – both these help ensure plant and vehicles operate efficiently to minimise emissions.

Where sites are identified as having erosion, run-off or other risks to the environment, project-specific control measures are established. More recently Texco has become familiar with working for clients who monitor these measures via third-party oversight.

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