Texco Group is committed to operating the companies in a healthy, safe and profitable manner with minimum risk to all employees and the general public.

We achieve this by following a systematic approach to managing risks through each stage of a job, and by ensuring all employees, contractors and visitors are educated to guarantee safe work practices occur and individual site rules are understood and adhered to.

Texco Excavating Ltd and Texco Drilling & Piling Ltd both hold a Green Certificate for the SiteWise prequalification system.


Texco Group complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, its Regulations and any relevant Standards, Guidelines or Codes of Practices, and uses a dedicated integrated software platform, Mango, to ensure the highest standards of health, safety and quality compliance and assurance.

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“Whilst we are guided by our Safety and Quality Management Systems, we still believe in the integrity of a handshake.”
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