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Texco has always operated within a strong philosophy of quality assurance.

By consistently meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, Texco has become an established company with a sustainable outlook, providing for both its employees and shareholders. Texco achieves quality and increases the value of the business through continual training and upskilling of staff, and the purchase and maintenance of fit for purpose, future-proofed machinery purchases. 

Texco ensures each staff member understands their individual and collective responsibilities for the quality of their work, building a strong work ethic across the company. Ultimately, Texco staff deliver high-quality work that lasts by “doing it right the first time” and take pride in the quality and longevity of the jobs that we build. 

Texco has held an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification for a long time, and this provides the strongest assurance to our customer of the integrity of our Quality Management Systems. 

"Whilst we are guided by our Safety and Quality Management Systems, we still believe in the integrity of a handshake."