Sumner Surf Live Saving Club

Demolition and new foundation system

Texco donated their time to demolish the earthquake-damaged Sumner Surf Life Saving Club building in July 2013. They then returned in December 2014 to create the foundation system. This involved stripping the entire building platform area to subgrade level and then installing Maccaferri Elcorock sandbags to the seaward side to protect the gravel slab from erosion of the beach sands. Each 2.5m3 Elcorock bag was filled with onsite recovered sand and handstitched closed.

4 layers of gravel were then placed to form the platform for the building. 

Texco also completed the siteworks for this prominent Sumner landmark. 


Hawkins Construction Ltd

Time Frame

From December 2014 to November 2015

Contract Scale

Under $500,000

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