Justice Precinct

850 driven piles installed at an average of 50 piles a day

In 2015 Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd installed 850 high-density pine SED 350mm diameter piles, 6.2m in length, for the new Justice Precinct Car Park Building. This work was conducted for Fletchers. Texco’s MAIT Midi and Casagrande C6 XP drills predrilled the holes for the piles, and the piles were then installed using an excavator mounted Fambo piling rig. The Fambo was able to achieve an installation rate of up to 50 piles per day. Sheet piling work was also completed, to allow Texco Excavating Ltd to excavate out service tunnels.


The total works across both Texco companies was valued at over $2,000,000.


Fletcher Construction

Time Frame

From June 2015 to December 2015

Contract Scale

Over $500,000

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