Car Parks & Driveway Construction

What does Texco do?

Texco completes driveway construction for both residential and commercial projects. From design to paving and laying, we organise and complete the whole process for you. Some of our larger commercial car park projects include hospitals and local domains.

While we do many flat driveway and residential car park constructions, we also complete hill site projects.

Car Park & Driveway Types

We offer a variety of concrete, asphalt and aggregate options for our customers to choose from.

Car park types:
  • asphalt
  • plain concrete
  • coloured concrete
  • exposed aggregate
  • stamped concrete
Driveway types:
  • plain concrete
  • coloured concrete
  • exposed aggregate
  • asphalt

Why use Texco?

  • We'll organise the whole process with you, from engineering design through to final installation, verification and sign-off.
  • Available to complete installation New Zealand-wide
  • Established contractor with 40 years in business
  • ISO9001 accreditation
  • Large fleet of technical equipment
  • Experienced and skilled team of 70 people

Do you have car park or driveway construction needs for your next project?

Get in touch with us, we love to talk shop.

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