Texco Excavating Ltd

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Siteworks, Land Development and Civil Engineering

Since its foundation in 1980, Texco Excavating Ltd has become an integral part of the Canterbury contracting scene. Its machines, trucks, allied equipment and experienced operators are all part of a team that is successful, innovative and a growing force. As an ISO 9001 certified company, quality assurance and control is something we take pride in.

We specialise in excavation work from “subgrade” and below, rather than in the more general field of roading and paving. As such, we have developed expertise in land development, retaining and gabion wall construction, planking and strutting, excavation of basements, drainage and general siteworks.

The majority of our work comes from repeat custom and/or by recommendation, which we believe speaks volumes for the quality of our work. Our plant is modern and well maintained and our staff undergo extensive and varied training regimes. Texco Excavating employs a permanent staff of 70 plus.

"Whilst we are guided by our Safety and Quality Management Systems, we still believe in the integrity of a handshake."