Pumpstations, Sheet Piling & Dewatering

What is sheet piling?

Sheet piles are sections of steel sheet with interlocking edges which, when driven into the ground, provide ground retention. We install our sheet piles using our MOVAX© or ICE 'resonance-free' Vibro hammer. The advantage of the resonance-free system is reduced vibration and increased installation efficiency. We can install sheet piles from 1 to 12 metres in length.

Texco has a large stock of sheets available, allowing for installation at short notice. Our hire charges are based on a daily rate. Sheet piles can be used for temporary retaining or can remain in place as a semi-permanent wall.

What is dewatering?

Texco has 40 years’ experience working with deep excavations and solving dewatering issues. We have a wide range of options and equipment available to meet the needs of our clients, from cranes and drill rigs, to simple excavator dug sumps.

The site ground conditions will determine the most suitable dewatering solution. For large gravel areas, monitoring wells are suitable, while more sandy ground materials may be better suited to a well-pointed system.

Texco has a vast amount of experience with the installation and extraction of sheet piles in a range of different ground conditions.

Key Advantages

  • Permanent or temporary – can be removed once the requirement for temporary retention has gone
  • Easy to handle and quick to install
  • Can be adapted to suit the design requirements
  • Suitable for a range of ground conditions
  • Fast to install
  • Minimal noise and vibration during installation
  • Suitable for a range of different soil types
  • pH meters for monitoring of pollutants
Can Texco complete shoring for clients?
Where has Texco used sheet piles before?
How much of the project can Texco complete?
Whereabouts does Texco operate?

Why use Texco?

  • An established contractor with 40 years in business
  • ISO9001 accreditation
  • Proven experience with sheet piles in a range of ground conditions for a variety of developments
  • The ability to install sheet piles resonance-free – suitable for areas which are vibration-sensitive
  • Range of equipment available to suit the site and ground conditions
  • Monitoring available
  • Can provide temporary works design
  • Can provide temporary or permanent shoring
  • Early design input and project estimation – our designers can provide free input to designs at the initial stages backed up with cost estimates
  • Engineers who can provide a design and sign-off service
  • Able to perform verification testing when required

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