Earthquake Strengthening

Texco Steel Ltd has been earthquake strengthening buildings in the Christchurch area for many years. While some of these buildings are not accessible since the earthquake of 22 February 2011, as they are in the 'red zone', many are still standing - testament to the value of strengthening for such events.

Hunters and Collectors, High St

Full strengthening, including parapet. Four levels absorbed about 20 tonne of steelwork. This strengthening was completed while the building was occupied.

Before earthquake strengthening project   hunters and collectors building high street christchurch earthquake strengthening   Earthquake strengthening Christchurch

Armson Wool Store

Situated behind the Harvey Norman building in Durham St, this job including full strengthening of the three storey building and parapet. Approximately 35 tonne of steel work went into the building. Much of the work was done by hand only, with very heavy 'K' framing and bracing having to be installed into the existing building by labour only. Work was completed in 2006. For more information on this job, click here.

Armson Wool Store earthquake strenghtening work begins  Armson Wool store interior with framing and bracing in place

earthquake strengthening within armson wool store

Armson Wool Store earthquake strengthening complete

Untouched World, Christchurch Arts Centre

This job involved some very difficult roof and chimney bracing work, with about 15 tonne of steelwork used throughout the building. Full strengthening was completed in 2005.

earthquake bracing in attic  Difficult chimney bracing