Design & Build

Project: Lake Tekapo Footbridge

Design, Piling, Build and Installation, for Lake Tekapo Foot Bridge Society Inc.

Works: Texco became involved early on in this project and played a major role in the design and build of the foot bridge. Texco Steel Ltd manufactured the structure in 8 sections within the workshop where the sections were painted and then transported to the site in Tekapo.

The construction and installation of the bridge had to be coordinated with the lake water levels to ensure minimal disturbance to the sensitive and pristine natural environment.

Prior to the structure being installed, Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd undertook the installation of six 1200mm diameter bored piles to a depth of 9 metres below ground level to suspend the bridge upon.

The installation of the 125 metre long, 54 tonne bridge was undertaken using a 550-tonne mobile crane which extended almost 67 metres to install the final central section of the bridge with a span of 55 metres and a weight of 34 tonnes.

The entire Texco team are very proud of the finished result - the bridge is a magnificent structure which has become a major tourist attraction.

Timeframe: Two seasonal phases, between November 2014 and December 2015.

Contract Scale: $1 to $2 million (combined value across both companies).

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Project: External Stairs, Show Place, Christchurch

External Stairwork, for Hawkins Construction

Works: This project enabled us to utilise our full in-house design and draughting expertise using our 3D ProSteel software, ensuring the project ran very smoothly.

The emergency exit stairway was hot dip galvanised to match its external location. Fabrication, along with a two stage trial assembly, was undertaken in Texco workshops to ensure quick and easy erection on site, minimising disruption to staff working in the already tenanted office building.

Timeframe: 3 months

Contract Scale : Up to $100,000

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External Stairs, Sudima Hotel Christchurch

Staircase and Profile Cutting, for Arrow International Ltd

Works: Standing over 12 metres tall, this external stair is constructed of galvanised mild steel and clad with custom designed perforated powder coated aluminium panels, giving it a distinctive, high end look.

The structure was designed by Texco Steel using 3D modelling software which provides confidence that all fabricated parts are accurate and in turn this ensures efficient erection time on site resulting in cost and time saving for the client.

Timeframe: 1 year

Contract Scale: Up to $300,000

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