Texco Engineering staff have significant experience with engineering parts for a range of applications - be it hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical or electronic. Our client base is from a very diverse range of industries:

Marine Aerospace Forestry Dairy

Manufacturing Electrical Automotive Food Manufacturing

We also cater for clients seeking customised design parts (motorbike and racing cars), automotive prototype designing, tool making and general welding. 


Our Machinery:

4 Axis Machinery

  • CNC Milling - Leadwell Machining Centre - 1000mm x 500 x 600 XYZ with 4th Axis 
  • Haas VF-3 Vertical Machining Centre


  • Mazak QT10 CNC Lathe  – 500mm between centres, 200 chuck, 45mm Spindle Bore, 200 swing
  • Mazak QT6 High Speed CNC Lathe – 250mm between centres, 150 Chuck, 34mm Spindle Bore, 150 swing
  • Mazak QT200 CNC Lathes (2) – 50mm Spindle Bore, 250mm on Z-Axis, 200 swing
  • Eccoca CNC Lathe – 750 between centres, 300mm chuck, 92mm Spindle Bore, 400 swing

Manual Machining

  • 3 Lathes up to 300mm swing over saddle x 1000mm BC with 300 swing in gap and DRO, Auto Lathes to 42mm bar capacity, Turret Mill