Rock Anchoring & Soil Nails

Project: Slip 6, Ohau Point, Kaikoura

Rock Anchors and Seawall Grouting

Client: Groundfix Ltd

Works: The project involved both the installation of 12 ground anchors to 11m deep, into a secant retaining wall that would support the railway main trunk line, and the provision of 100m of grouting repairs, for the reconstruction of a sea wall. Works required Texco’s Track Mounted Multifunctional Rotary Drill unit (Casagrande C6 XP) and a grouting unit.

Anchors were drilled close to ground level, in close proximity to the railway tracks, for the purposes of subsequent tie-back installation. Texco anchors successfully tested to %150 of design loads.

The project also required the excavation and subsequent re-filling via grout into erosion cavities at the base of a concrete sea wall. Grout pumping was conducted to strengthen and repair the wall prior to subsequent rebuilding of the coastal retaining structure. Texco contributed design expertise to ensure the optimal grouting results could be achieved within engineering requirements.

The site required expertise in deep anchor drilling, as well as coordinating on a busy site alongside other drilling operations, and other construction works in railways and roading. Furthermore, as earthquake remedial work, it was necessary to execute this project to tight timeframes. 

Timeframe: 6 weeks, commencing in October 2017, with testing concluding in November 2017

Contract Scale: $100,000 - $500,000

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Rock Anchors with Casagrande C6, Slip 6 Kaikoura  Rock Anchors Slip 6 Kaikoura  Rock Anchor testing, Slip 6 Kaikoura

Project: Te Awakura Tce, Christchurch

Installation of RB25 anchors to 6 metres, through existing retaining wall

Client: Mike Herlihy Consulting Ltd

Works: Installation of 8 horizontal RB25 anchors embedded to 6metres through an existing retaining wall, using the Casagrande C6XP tracked drill rig.

Timeframe: Carried out over February 2015

Contract Scale: Under $100,000

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Rock Anchors into existing retaining wall, Christchurch NZ Rock Anchors into existing retaining wall using Casagrande C6XP rig, Christchurch NZ Rock Anchors into existing retaining wall, Christchurch NZ

Project: Major Aitken Drive

Soil Nails and Anchoring System for Retaining Wall

Drilling and grouting of 13 x RB16 Rock Anchors and Soil Nails, to anchor the retaining wall footing on a new residential rebuild. Anchors were proof tested to 5 tonne. 

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Installing Soil Nails and Rock Anchoring, Christchurch NZ Installing Soil Nails and Rock Anchors, Christchurch NZ Testing Rock Anchors, Christchurch NZ