Want your water well to perform? With an experienced technical team, modern equipment and skilled and qualified staff, 
Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd are here 
to help.

 We specialise in:

  • 150mm (6") to 200mm (8") diameter water wells for domestic and small commerical use
  • 200mm (8") to 300mm (10") diameter water wells for large commercial use
  • Well Development
  • Large diameter shallow wells up to 1200mm diameter
  • Galleries / infiltration trenches
  • Screen replacement and refurbishment
  • Geothermal / heat exchanger installation

Water Well Development: Each water well is unique, requiring a different approach to reach its full potential. Correct development of your well is vital from day one. Development protects your pump investment by removing harmful sand and maximises the overall long-term economics of the well. We pride ourselves in leaving your well with a correctly screened and developed system with quality stainless steel wedge wire screens of suitable diameter and aperture size.

Inspection, rehabilitation and repair of existing water wells: Our high resolution Down Hole Video Camera means we can carry out an inspection of your well and recommend further action if required. We are happy to discuss a solution and provide a quote.

Water Well Repair System: We have a well repair system available to give you a viable option to fix a broken or non-complying well, where economically possible. 

Test Pumping: Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd can supply a comprehensive test pumping programme suited to the demands of the sytem. This can be undertaken with measurements taken by Orifice Weir, V Notch Weir or electronic flow meter with data loggers and down hole electronic pressure transducers - a consent requirement. 

Contact Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd on (03) 3841 255 or 0800 483 926 for more information. 

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