Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd are able to supply and install sheetpiles to allow you to retain ground while safely completing excavation works.

Sheetpiling is a comprehensive temporary retaining system of inter-locking steel sheets. Sheet piles are installed using our MOVAX© or ICE “resonance free” vibro hammer.
The advantage of the resonance free system is reduced vibration and increased installation efficiency.
Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd can install sheet piles from 1 to 12 metres in length. We are also able to provide temporary works design, dewatering and complete excavation works if required. 
Sheet piles are a cost effective and safe retaining system allowing effective retention of the ground while excavation works occur.  Texco have a large stock of sheets available, allowing for installation at short notice. Our hire charge are based on a daily rate.
Sheetpiles can be used as a form of temporary retaining or can remain in place as a semipermanent wall. 
We are available to complete sheetpiling throughout New Zealand.

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