Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd supplies and installs steel screwpiles that can be used for both piling and ground anchoring systems.

Screw piles are ideal for supporting your building foundations, retaining walls or to anchor a slope. Screw piles are able to be installed quickly, with low noise and nil vibration, making them ideally suited to repair and rebuild projects within the established urban environment. Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd can install screw piles from 150mm to 750mm in diameter - ideal for both compressive and tensional loads. With a load range of between 5 to 200 tonne we have the screw pile to fit your needs.

Our screw piles are installed using our fleet of rotary drill and piling rigs. Using our ISO9001 Quality system we ensure that the screw pile manufacture, installation and design depth are correct. We have the equipment and experience to carry out compressive and tensional load tests and work closely with our client and engineers to ensure your build is to the highest possible standard.

Texco are able to manufacture screw piles to suit your custom application using various pile shafts and helix diameters. Helix size and shaft diameter are determined by structural load requirements, site conditions and environmental factors such as corrosion resistance and design life of the structure.

The helix is welded to the pile shaft by our qualified welders, adhering to our strict weld procedures, ensuring you receive a pile of the highest quality standard. Screwpiles installed by wheeled and tracked rigs

The design process can seem daunting; we can organise the whole process with you, from engineering design through to final installation.

We are available to complete installation New Zealand wide.