Contact Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd if you need an experienced, safe and effective company to install Gas Wells for methane supply or drainage purposes.



We are experienced in the installation of large diameter gas drainage wells and environmental drilling for piezometers and monitoring wells.

We also can provide consultation services for well design.


Past Projects have included:


Methane Gas Drainage at Winton for AB Limes

3 x 600mm diameter holes drilled to 17mtrs and installation of a gravel packed 150mm diameter slotted PVC in 2.5 weeks.


Methane Gas Supply at Burwood Landfill for Christchurch City Council

Installation of 13 x gas drainage wells, up to 300 total lineal meters drilled, over 7 weeks

Contact Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd on (03) 3841 255 or 0800 483 926 for more information. 

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