Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd have a long and successful history of completing bored piles from 450mm to 1,500mm diameter, to depths ranging from a few metres to over 40m in depth.


Bored piles are perfectly suited to high load environments with capacities that are sufficient to carry the loads of multi-storey buildings, footings for communications towers, or bridge piles. The bored pile system is quiet with low vibration.


Texco Drilling and Piling Ltd have spent considerable time on research and development to perfect our cased and open hole piling techniques using bentonite and polymer systems. These systems have the ability to cope with the strong artesian water flows that can cause inherent difficulties when piling in New Zealand.


Our piling system offers reliable production, little or no rework, and a very high integrity end product. Using a short reusable starter casing and there after boring open holes supported by drilling fluid we are able to offer our clients a competitive advantage over similar full length cased piling systems. The pile’s high load capacity and integrity make the pile the preferred choice for multi-storey developments.


Texco now have available a dedicated purpose built Casagrande B175 XP piling rig. This machine has state of the art control systems, and a 45m kelly.


We operate throughout New Zealand and we can offer a design build solution for your project.


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